Adult Coastal Bay Rain Jacket

$32.99 - $35.49
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Product Description

Great new Monogram Rain Jackets 

Mesh lined and hood. 

Reflective trim across front and back.

Open panel in front for easy chest Embroidery.

Price automatically adjust $2.50 for XXL. 

See Monogram Hooded Rain Jackets for S to XL in other colors. 

Sizes:  Fits true to size.' size actual chest size. Allow for  variation in measurements during manufacturing. 

Chest size           Length

S- 40"                         28" 

M- 42"                         28"

L- 44                          28.5"

XL-46- 47                    29" 

XXL- 48-50                   29"   

Sold Blank to add Embroidery for additional price  follow link below:



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