Wholesale Information

Wholesale Customers  Please Read Completely

Potential wholesale customers who purchase products for resale are eligible to receive our wholesale pricing.

 To purchase products with wholesale pricing, you must create an account on the website,  and provide a copy of your tax exempt documentation for tax exempt status via e-mail. 

Or to purchase wholesale without tax exempt status and pay required  sales tax. create an account on the website and e-mail the link to how you sell, Facebook, online, Etsy etc. 

Follow these steps to become a wholesale customer. 

1. At the top of the website,  click the "Create an Account" link at the top right corner of our site and fill in the appropriate information regarding your business. This must be done first. 

2. For Wholesale Tax Exempt status,  e-mail your tax exempt documentation to us at wamblanks@gmail.com

 Or for home based business with no Resale Tax license, Fill out the information form below and include a link to how you resale merchandise or e-mail info@violetfox.com

*Please Note that WAM Blanks/Violet Fox  reserves the right to remove wholesale privileges at anytime without a notice for buying at wholesale prices and selling the items without profit. The exception will be in a clearance situation after not selling inventory. 

*Pictures from the website my be used for selling and pre-orders on your Facebook or website, but must watermark with your business name or use pictures watermarked with WAM Blanks or Wild About Me Blanks. Pictures used for any other reason will be grounds for removal from wholesale pricing. 

For Additional information, please call 602-622-8225 or e-mail info@violetfox.com

Follow link to create an account, then e-mail business license and/or Sales Tax ID to info@violetfox.com

For businesses without a business license will be changed to Home based/hobby for a discount, but not full wholesale pricing.